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  • Open to K-12 schools and students and teams of all sizes
  • Raise more than $5,000 as a team and win a party, or donate 25% of your donation back to your local agency.

Toss Your Teacher or Plunge Your Principal

Work together with your classmates and faculty members to see a favorite teacher or principal take the Plunge right away on Saturday morning!

  • Raise $1,000 as a school to Toss your Teacher or Plunge your Principal
  • Up to 12 individuals can Plunge alongside your teacher or principal for $1,000 (more students can plunge, just be sure your total fundraising averages to $75 for each plunger)
  • Grading your teacher/principal on their plunge form is strongly encouraged

Top Teams from 2016

Cardinal Heights DECA $4,296.09
CMS Project UNIFY $3,945.00
MHHS Club UNIFY $3,785.00
PHS Key Club/Project Unify $3,051.00
Deerfield Club Unify $2,792.50
2020 MHS Plungers with Class $1,675.00
Fennimore Student Council $1,480.00
East High School $1,426.00
Wisconsin Heights FFA $1,335.00


Plunge University

Kick-off the Spring Semester with flair. Whether you roll out of bed the morning of the plunge and say to yourself “I’m gonna do this”, or rally your entire student org, we guarantee you’ll have a great time. So, dare your friends, declare the Plunge your student org’s service project, challenge a fellow sorority/fraternity or show us that your school’s athletes support Special Olympics athletes.

Top Teams from 2016

UW-Madison MBA $7,636.77
Badgers for Special Olympics $7,607.28
UW-Madison OT! $1,385.00
Social Work Students from UW-Madison $1,277.00
Freezing our Bucky’s Off $1,200.00
Delta Tau Delta – Beta Gamma $819.00
UW Knights of Columbus $770.00

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