A Plunge team can be any size-a group of friends, you and your partner, 36 coworkers or a zillion high school students. Plunging as a team is a BLAST, and the majority of our Plungers come in small armies together. Get creative and plunge in costume: wear funky t-shirts or hats, or put together a small musical production where the grand finale is a graceful fall into the water.

Team Prizes

If your team raises over $5,000 you will earn gift a team party!

Online pledges, cash, check and matching corporate gifts will all count toward your team total. Special Olympics will contact Team Captains to select the location of your party and will mail your certificate to you following the event.

Top Teams from 2016:

Chassity’s Chill Seekers $23,607.00
JP Cullen $17,878.00
State Collection Service- 6-45 $14,265.00
Hannahs Angels Agency 6-27 $12,863.00
Rooty Toots $11,594.15
PDS Plungers $8,061.00
UW-Madison MBA $7,636.77
Badgers for Special Olympics $7,607.28
Lindsay’s Big Chill $6,313.00

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