A Plunge team can be any size-a group of friends, you and your partner, 36 coworkers or a zillion high school students. Plunging as a team is a BLAST, and the majority of our Plungers come in small armies together. Get creative and plunge in costume: wear funky t-shirts or hats, or put together a small musical production where the grand finale is a graceful fall into the water.

Team Prizes

If your team raises over $2,000 you will earn a team party! Your choice of:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings – Wing Party
  • Party from Kwik Trip
  • Pizza Party
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Party

Top Teams from 2017:

Wausau East DECA $11,650.20
Jake’s Jumpers $4,888.95
Kraft $3,059
NPHS Unified Champion School $2,657
Team #A11Y $2,374
Crazy Cuzin Eddie Plunger Squad 2-50 $2,017.53
Northern Access #2-11 $1,830
FedEx $1,800
Wausau West DECA $1,788.22
Premier Mixed Martial Arts $1,667.22
The Royal Plungers $1,563
UWSP SCEC $1,445
Kayden’s FANs $1,358.15
Mosinee DECA Frozen Assets $1,100

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