Super Plungers…The Few, The Proud, The Frozen

Do you have what it takes to be a Super Plunger? Super Plungers will test their courage and endurance by Plunging not once, not twice but up to 5 TIMES on Plunge Day! This elite group of men and women will do something few Plungers in Wisconsin have ever done before and take Polar Plunging to a new level of COLD!

How to become a Super Plunger

To earn your Super Plunger status participants must raise $1,000 as an individual or $1,500 for a team of two. Your fundraising efforts will solidify your place as a super hero in the hearts and minds of over 10,000 Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes.

Super Duper Prizes

Each Super Plunger will receive the official Super Plunger Cape as well as a Polar Plunge long sleeve T-shirt, Beach Towel, Hooded Sweatshirt and soft shell jacket!


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