Join us at Sunny Vale Park on Friday, February 22 for Cool Schools! Your school can break the ice! Be the first to Plunge at the Wausau “Schools Only” Plunge on Friday, February 22. Enjoy hot tubs and hot chocolate after your plunge!

The Details

  • Open to K-12 schools and students and teams of all sizes
  • Raise more than $2,000 as a team and win a Buffalo Wild Wings party, a pizza party, or a Dunkin Donuts Party–the choice is yours!
  • More than 25 classmates plunging? Your group will be transported in style and FREE of charge!
    • All participants must be registered online by February 11
    • Each person have a minimum of $75 raised to be eligible to ride on the bus
    • Contact Jordan Becker to reserve your bus by February 11

Toss Your Teacher or Plunge Your Principal

Work together with your classmates and faculty members to see a favorite teacher or principal take the Plunge on Friday, February 22 during the School Only Plunge or Saturday, February 23!

  • Raise $1,000 as a school to Toss your Teacher or Plunge your Principal
  • Up to 12 individuals can Plunge alongside your teacher or principal for $1,000 (more students can plunge, just be sure your total fundraising averages to $75 for each plunger)
  • Grading your teacher/principal on their plunge form is strongly encouraged

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