A Polar Plunge team can be any size-a group of friends, you and your partner, 36 coworkers or a zillion high school students. Polar Plunging as a team is a BLAST, and the majority of our Plungers come in small armies together. Get creative and plunge in costume: wear funky t-shirts or hats, or put together a small musical production where the grand finale is a graceful fall into the water.

Team Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the team and individual with the best costume and plunge.

Top Polar Plunge Teams from 2019:

Team Sawyer – $8,645
Grin and Bear It – $4,705
The painted Penguins – $3,145
KPD Frozen Five-O  – $3,080
95 WIIL Rock – $2,855
Kenosha County Copsicles – $2,850
Kenosha County Highway Department – $1,855
Kwik Trip – $1,508
We drink…and we know things – $1,035
Pleasant Prairie PD Shock & Thaw – $995

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