Join us at Menominee Park for Cool Schools!

The Details

  • Open to K-12 schools and students and teams of all sizes
  • Raise more than $2,500 as a team and win a Buffalo Wild Wings party, or a Pizza Party–the choice is yours!
  • Pre-select your Plunge time which ranges from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. by contacting Sarah Graper

Toss Your Teacher or Plunge Your Principal

Work together with your classmates and faculty members to see a favorite teacher or principal take the Plunge on Friday, February 14 at 6:30pm!

  • Raise $1,000 as a school to Toss your Teacher or Plunge your Principal
  • Up to 12 individuals can Plunge alongside your teacher or principal for $1,000 (more students can plunge, just be sure your total fundraising averages to $75 for each plunger)
  • Grading your teacher/principal on their plunge form is strongly encouraged

Top School Teams from 2019

  1. Chilton High School SHARE – $7,676
  2. Berlin Belly Floppers – $4,752
  3. Lawrence Univ. Softball & Baseball – $4,679
  4. UWO Athletics – $4,460
  5. Appleton East DECA – $3,240
  6. Oshkosh West O’Neil NHS – $3,005

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