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SOWI Local Programs

The Plunge is back!

As a SOWI local program, you know first-hand how difficult these past two years have been on the athletes. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we show our support for them in this year’s Polar Plunge.

This year, the the Polar Plunge is back at eight locations statewide! Still not comfortable participating at an in-person event? Take the plunge into your own hands and opt to Chill at Home–our virtual Plunging option!

Either way you choose to participate, you will also earn money for your agency.

  • Receive 20% cash back on funds raised for the 2022 Polar Plunge
  • Rebate dollars can be put to good use like transportation, team parties or uniforms! In order to qualify for the cash back rebate you MUST include your agency number in your Polar Plunge team name!

Ready to register and have fun with your athletes?






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