Meet Jada Upham. Jada has been involved with Special Olympics Wisconsin for 10 years. She participates in bocce, track & field, and basketball—although she says that her favorite is definitely bocce.

Part of the reason Jada loves bocce so much is because her teammates are her best friends. Jada’s teammates encourage her at practice, help her during competitions, and support her at events like the Polar Plunge. Since Jada is physically unable to take the Polar Plunge herself, she has teammates who do it in her honor each year. Two of her teammates, Mitch and Adam, have taken the Polar Plunge for the past seven years in Jada’s honor. This year will be their 8th year taking the plunge!

In addition to having supportive teammates who plunge for her, she also has family members who participate for Team Jada! In 2016, Jumping.Artic.Diving.Animals (or JADA) was one of the top fundraising teams at the Whitewater Polar Plunge. They raised over $3,000 to help support SOWI athletes like Jada.

Get a group of friends, family members, or coworkers together this year and take like plunge like Team Jada!  Register today!

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