The Madison, Menomonie, Whitewater and Manitowoc Plunges are ON! 

Chilly Bear 2Based on advice from our medical and safety personnel, we’ll be making some game-day decisions about what will keep all of our favorite Plungers safe and toasty in this weather. We’ll have a whole host of fun activities, events and souvenirs waiting for you when you arrive and we can’t wait to see you there!

Safety is our #1 priority (along with supporting 10,000 athletes across the state as they train and compete!), and whether it’s your pinkie toe that plunges or you go full-out, it’s the coolest thing you’ll do all year! If you choose not to Plunge tomorrow, please stop by and enjoy the other fun activities, drop-off pledges, pick-up your incentives and we’ll give you a Plunge Pass to Plunge at one of the six remaining locations in Wisconsin.



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