Calling all K-12 schools, universities and technical colleges! Do you have what it takes to be Freezin’ for a Reason? Be a part of Wisconsin’s most celebrated winter event and experience the Polar Plunge with friends, making awesome memories to last a lifetime! Plus, it’s a fun and rewarding way to give back to the community and possibly earn volunteer service hours (individual school restrictions may apply).

New in 2020 – Cool Schools Traveling Trophies!

The top fundraising Cool School team at each Plunge location will get a Top Fundraising Cool School trophy to keep at their rockstar school for the entire year!

So grab your friends, classmates, teammates, bandmates….even your school mascot and form a team. Your team can be two best buddies or 200 of your closest friends – the size is up to you!

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  • Choose the Polar Plunge location to take the icy dip – we have 13 to choose from!
  • Invite your friends, teachers, coaches, etc. to join the team. Each person must register as a participant on your team:
    * Polar Plungers – the traditional way to take the Plunge
    * Too Chicken to Plunge – avoiding the water but still having fun
    * Super Plungers – Plunge up to FIVE TIMES on Plunge Day!


  • Each team member is responsible for raising a minimum of $75 by raise pledges online or collect cash or check donations in person
  • There are so many ways to raise money to take the Plunge. Here’s a Cool Schools Cheat Sheet to get you started!
  • Earn incentives! The more you raise, the more you receive. Fundraising prizes include an official 2020 Polar Plunge long-sleeved t-shirt, stainless steel tumbler, towel, hoodie and even a $50 VISA gift card!
  • All money raised directly benefits nearly 9,000 Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes. Special Olympics gives every person the opportunity to be a champion and show the world that there are millions of different abilities but no disabilities!
  • If your school is a Unified Champion School, 25% of the money your team raises will come right back to your club to promote inclusion in your school!


  • Plunging — Your team will select a time to take the icy dip before Plunge day. Plunge depths vary depending on where you plunge; however, you are typically in the water for about 10 seconds.
  • Warmth — It’s February so it’s cold but we have you covered! There are heated entertainment tents and changing tents for males and females.
  • Hot Tubs — At many of our Polar Plunges, we provide hot tubs! Woohoo!
  • Safety — Plunger safety is our priority. We have law enforcement or fire department volunteers in wet suits in the water with you, so everyone is safe.
  • Costumes — Pick a team theme, sport your school colors or get creative with a team costume for maximum fun!
  • Fun — Speaking of fun, that’s what the Polar Plunge is all about! As Wisconsin’s most celebrated winter event, the Polar Plunge features food, music, contests and more. Plus, it’s an amazing experience that will warm your heart knowing that you’re making an impact in the lives of Special Olympics athletes.


Cool Schools Cheat Sheet

Cool Schools Success Story


Interested in receiving 25% cash back on the money you raise in the Polar Plunge and creating a positive school climate for all students through our Unified Champion School program? Contact us for more information!



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