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Super Plungers…The Few, The Proud, The Frozen! Only for the bravest souls and the warmest hearts, the Super Plunger program dares participants to go beyond the call of duty.

Do you have what it takes to be a Super Plunger? Super Plungers will test their courage and endurance by Plunging not once, not twice but up to 5 TIMES on Plunge Day! This elite group of men and women will do something few Plungers in Wisconsin have ever done before and take Polar Plunging to a new level of COLD!

How to become a Super Plunger

To earn your Super Plunger status participants must raise $1,000 as an individual or $1,500 for a team of two. Your fundraising efforts will solidify your place as a super hero in the hearts and minds of over 10,000 Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes.

Super Duper Prizes

Each Super Plunger will receive the official Super Plunger Cape as well as a Polar Plunge long sleeve T-shirt and $50 VISA gift card!

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