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Where can I find information on COVID-19 safety measures?

Please visit our COVID-19 Safety Measures page.

How will the Polar Plunge work this year?

We are making a return to the water in 2022 at 8 locations across the state!


Plunge with Us: You’ll be able to choose from eight locations around the state to take your Plunge!


Chillin’ at Home: If an in-person Polar Plunge isn’t for you this year, make your own adventure by Chillin’ at Home. The rules are simple. Stay home, get cold, be safe and don’t forget to snap a selfie or record a vid! You can take this DIY Virtual Plunge whenever and however you like! Creativity is key.


Cool Schools: Students can virtually hang out with friends via the Cool Schools option by forming teams, holding competitions and having fun in the spirit of inclusion.


Support a Plunger: Allows fans to support Polar Plunge participants while making a difference in the lives of children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Who does the Polar Plunge benefit?

The Polar Plunge benefits nearly 9,000 Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes across the state, who compete and train year-round in 19 different sports. For many of our athletes, Special Olympics Wisconsin is their main way to stay connected, active and engaged.

While the pandemic has been hard on all of us, it has hit our athletes especially hard. We have worked hard to adapt and reduce social isolation by offering a variety of safe alternatives to help keep the athletes connected and healthy, but we all know that it’s just not quite the same.

That’s why your support through the Polar Plunge is so important this year. Special Olympics Wisconsin needs to be able to hit the ground running when things get back to normal.

How much of my donation goes to Special Olympics Wisconsin?

100%! We thank you for your support of the athletes that we serve!

So really, I’m jumping into an icy-cold body of water?

Yup! That’s the plan! We have law enforcement and fire department volunteers in wet suits in the water with you, so everyone is safe. The plunge depths vary depending on where you plunge. Average temperatures are expectedly chilly. There are heated changing tents available for participants. Separate men’s and women’s changing areas are available.

What items should I bring to my Polar Plunge?

  • A facemask is encouraged
  • A towel to dry off and warm up with
  • Old shoes, aquatic shoes, etc. All Plungers must wear shoes to Plunge. You’ll have to walk out on the ice and sometimes wait a moment for others to jump, so please wear a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. Don’t forget to bring a pair of dry shoes to wear afterwards!
  • A duffel bag, backpack, garbage bag, etc. It’s a good idea to bring a bag for dry clothes and your Plunge incentive as well as a plastic bag for your wet clothes after you’ve Plunged.
  • Another Plunger. Recruit a friend, family member, co-worker or acquaintance and get them to take the Plunge with you. It’s always more fun with friends!

What are the emergency weather plans for the Plunge?

The plunges happen rain, sleet, snow or shine! We will never cancel a plunge, but if temperatures reach dangerous lows, we will modify the event accordingly. Come ready to jump in!

I’m having a difficult time registering online–who can I speak with for help?

Your local plunge guru will be your first resource for all things event-specific, including making sure you and your team are registered correctly.

How long does check in take?

We have streamlined our check in process, but can never predict when crowds will be heaviest. If available, we recommend attending a pre-registration event (varies by Plunge location) to make the entire process easier for you. If not, we encourage you to arrive early to check-in on the day of the event, and enjoy the Plunge atmosphere.

How much does it cost to participate?

Every participant raises a minimum of $75 in order to plunge on event day, which also gets you a long-sleeve event T-shirt, but the more you raise, the better your prizes! Check out our fundraising tips to help you raise your minimums and even go beyond!

What is your refund policy?

Charitable contributions are non-refundable, and the minimum Plunge fundraising requirement is considered a charitable contribution and is therefore also non-refundable.

Can I Plunge at more than one Plunge event?

Definitely! You need to register yourself for each Plunge event. All your events will appear on your public Plunge page, and supporters will be able to choose which event they’d like to donate to.

I have a group of people that want to Plunge together. Can we form a team?

Yes! Forming a team is a great way to motivate one another to raise more money for Special Olympics Wisconsin. When registering, select the “Create a Team” option.

Will my Plunge team be able to jump in together?

Depending on the size of the hole cut in the ice or the pool, teams may jump in together. If the hole or pool is smaller, teams will have to split into groups and jump in succession. If you’d like to jump with others not on your team, make sure they stand in line with you, or sign up for the same time slot as you.

How can I become more involved in Special Olympics Wisconsin?

We’re always looking for event volunteers, coaches, and committee members to help our organization continue to grow. And we’re more than just sports competitions. We offer leadership forums, health initiatives and school programming in addition to sports training and tournaments! Contact your regional Special Olympics Wisconsin office for more details!

What happens if the event is canceled?

We reserve the right to delay, shorten, or in rare circumstances, cancel an event due to inclement weather. An event may also be canceled due to state and/or local COVID safety orders. Safety of participants and spectators is always extremely important to us. No refunds will be offered if the event is cancelled or if you cannot attend. If an event were to be cancelled, we would still offer an incentive pick-up option to participants. We’ll make all possible attempts – by email, website and social media – to inform participants if changes are made to an event.


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