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Enjoy the Great Outdoors or Chill at Home--either way, you only need to raise $75. That's it. But why stop there? Every dollar raised, whether $75, $150, $500, or $1000, makes a difference in the lives of more than 9,000 Special Olympics athletes right here in Wisconsin. And that's a really cool thing.

Here are 4 quick and easy ways to fundraise to your heart’s content. Plus, as donations rise, so do the cool prizes.

1. Polar Bear Icons

Usually polar bears are dangerous and we wouldn’t advise unleashing them in the masses, but ours are a little more colorful and one-dimensional–and also an easy way to fundraise! You can ask local businesses to sell them for just one buck, and all money counts toward your personal fundraising goal. The bears are free for our adventurers and you can request them here!

2. Donation Form

Keep track of your donations by downloading the 2021 Pledge Form and then take it everywhere you go! It will be your new best friend. And is also a great tool for you to use to keep track of the donations you gather in-person.

3. Raise Money Online

You’re doing something amazing and you should tell everyone you know–and get them to sponsor or support you! Let people know they can donate to you online by searching for your name starting here. You can also send out e-mails asking for donations through your polar plunge registration account.

4. Get the Word Out

Also super easy? Sharing it over your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn pages. You can also like or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and share or re-tweet it directly from our accounts.


Matching Gifts

Ask your employer if they do matching gifts to match your donations! Click here to submit your matching gifts information and form.

Receive these COOL gloves when you submit your matching gifts!

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